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Mordor, She Wrote

About a year and a half ago I was in a cool little bookshop in Florida; it was in a mall, but it was almost entirely second-hand books (321 Books, if you’re still open, I salute you). At any rate, as I went looking around the store, I came across a 1,000+ page hardback edition of the complete J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings trilogy. At $8, who was I to say no (this line of thinking being one of many reasons why I have more books than money. But I digress).

The Beast...

Did I mention that this beast is over 1,000 pages? And that’s just for the story text; when you add in the Appendixes, maps, and the Index (because what good piece of fiction doesn’t have an six appendixes, four maps and an index?) it actually clocks in at 1,150 pages. Seriously, the extras are longer than some books.

So the Beast has sat on the corner of my desk, for a year and a half now, taunting me with its massiveness. You’re not cool enough to read me, it says. I just moved internationally and I’m hosting a podcast, I retort. Excuses, the book scoffs. I’m not arguing with you anymore, I definitively declare as I take another sip from my G+T.

With all of this as my attempt at a Tolkien-esque prologue, I now arrive at the crux of this post. Just today, Zane (of That’s Not Canon fame) posted that TNC has taken on a new show: Mordor, She Wrote. The theme of the show is that two ladies, Audrey (LOTR expert) and Kayla (LOTR newb) are going to work through all three of the books (and possibly even the movies) chapter by chapter, starting with the aforementioned prologue.

When I saw this post, I knew that the time to pick up The Beast had finally come. I have no more excuses (except for running a podcast. I’m definitely going to give that first priority) and I’m going to take advantage of a built-in book club to help keep my interest up and the pages turning. If nothing else, it’s one chapter every two weeks; I can make that level of commitment to myself and the book. To top it off, Audrey sounds really invested in the project, as she actually went to New Zealand to visit Middle Earth for her honeymoon. From the way she tells it on the show, it kind of sounds like the new husband was optional for the trip; she was going! That’s the level of commitment I appreciate in my literary Virgils. I also appreciate that Kayla is basically a stand-in for myself; she knows what LOTR stands for, but that's about all. I have faith she'll be asking many of the same questions that I'll be wondering about.

So tell us… do you have any mammoth book projects that speak to you when you drink and that you have yet to start? Are you interested in learning why LOTR is all the rage? And is there any other series you’d be interested in breaking down the same way? Tell us below, and also be sure to check out Mordor, She Wrote on Apple Podcasts, on Twitter, Instagram or on the TNC homepage. Enjoy!

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