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The History of Spain and the Visigoths

In the past few days I have had the privilege of talking with David Cot of The History of Spain podcast; he and I have quite a bit of overlap, historically-speaking, and it was interesting to get his input on the Visigoths who were constantly interacting with the Franks all the way up until the 8th century.

And when I say "input," well, let's just say David is passionate about the subject! He sent me a 120 slide presentation all about the Visigoths, and it's truly a thing of beauty (this is spoken both as a person of the PowerPoint and as a fan of history)! I'll allow David's work to do most of the talking; when you're done, head to his website or your favorite podcast player and let David himself do the talking by subscribing to his show!

Without further ado... enjoy!

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